Personal Declutter Challenge Day 4: the Kitchen junk drawer

The junk drawer.
Our's was full of things that actually didn't live there. I've found jewelry and a bottle of perfume and lots of hair ties.
Getting 6 items from the junk drawer for Day 4 was easy.

- an empty package of hollyhocks. I've planted my remaining hollyhock seeds (inside) a couple of weeks ago. Already five have sprouted! No need to keep the empty package.
- two hooks. In our old home we've used these to hang our dishtowels on the kitchen cabinets. It doesn't look tidy to me so these will go to good will.
- elastic band.
- a screw from our old cat scratch post.
- a coupon sheet from a local coffee shop. I didn't really likes there coffee so no need to hang on to that.
- coupons from the supermarket we used to shop at in our old home.

These little tidbits may seem like nothing much now but imagine a pile of 2015 of them al together!

What kind of items end up in your junk drawer usually?

There were probably more items I could've chucked from the junk drawer. But I would like to stick with the 5 or 6 items a day goal.

Here's a pic of my organized spices.

This is actually a ledge to place photo frames on when hung on the wall. It works great to keep my herbs and spices 'in line'.

Tomorrow I'm gonna run through our book collection. I've used to have a huge book collection because I'm an avid reader. But I got tired of moving them around so I asked myself if I really needed al these books. I did a massive purge before our move. The goal is to only keep the books I love and which I like to reread. Books were a hard thing for me to let go of but since I've seen the space I've gained after getting rid of boxes full of them that feeling changed.

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