Purge, purge purge: Day 3

One of the best places for me to declutter is my wardrobe. Clothes get added on a regular basis. Most of them gifts or hand me downs but certainly welcome. Every few weeks I tidy my clothes and put away the stuff I haven't worn or which turned out to be too small or too big. I have a box in the attic for my unwanted clothing which gets donated to charity or the consignment store when it's full.

My slimmed down wardrobe.

Here's what went in the box today:
- a pair of black skinnies. The label says size 38 but I couldn't get the zipper closed so in it went.
- army vest. My mom got me this vest two years ago. I've worn it a couple of times but it's not really my style to wear sleeveless vests.
- brown suede jacket. As I'm a person who doesn't like the cold I wear long jackets most of the time. I've bought this jacket in a very cheap store but I still prefer my longer ones.
- crocheted vest. I bought this vest from my first paycheck from my first grown up job. When I was in my 'fashionista'  fase I loved to wear it. But now? Not so much.
- cut off jeans. I've cut a pair of stretchy skinnies to capri length but I haven't worn them much. I like my jeans long or very short but not somewhere in between.

Yay, five pieces for goodwill!

When was the last time you've cleaned out your closet?

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