Day 5: clearing the bookshelves

The bookcase used to have a prominent space in our living room. No we've moved to a smaller home the space in our living room is limited. We decided to place a single bookcase in our attic.
My goal is to only keep as much books which'll fit in that bookcase.
A few piles are downstairs in our cupboard and on top of the bookcase are several stacks of books as well.

The magazine actually wasn't purged. It's my husbands' and he wanted to keep it.

These 4 items didn't make the cut:
- 2 old textbooks
- an old novel which I've read half way through but didn't like
- a book about games to play with your cat
- I wanted to throw out the magazine but since it's my husbands' I asked for permission first. He wanted to keep it so I've put it back in the bookcase.

Are there any items which you find hard to purge?

So far 24 items made their way to the recycling bin, good will or garbage can:
1. 3 screws
2. peeling knife
3. dishwasher tidbit
4. linnen scrap
5. beauty product packaging
6. sticker
7. electrical wire thingy
8. receipt
9. 2 pieces of string
10. black skinnies
11. army vest
12. crocheted vest
13. cut of jeans
14. suede jacket
15. empty seed package
16. 2 cabinet hooks
17. coupon sheet
18. coupons
19. elastic band
20. screw
21. book about cat games
22. old text book
23. old text book
24. old novel

Tomorrow I'll be purging more clothes from my husbands' dresser drawers (with permission of course!)

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