Declutter day 6: hubby's sock drawer

Once in a while I tidy up my husband closet. At one point I can't stand to look at the messy contents when putting back freshly washed and folded clothes. It gives me a good opportunity to purge his stuff.

How can you find anything in this mess?

I took out the entire contents of the upper drawer and sorted in different piles.
Boxers, socks, work out clothes and kneepads (from his MMA days). There were a lot of shorts in there which I moved to the box with summer clothes in the attic. Most of the kneepads were stored in the attic as well in case he should need those in the future.

The worn out kneepad will go in the thrash, the too tight shorts to good will.

What can I say? I like things neat and tidy :-)

After the first drawer I found myself in a purging and organizing flow so I did the bottom drawer as well. I could tell this one doesn't get opened as frequently as the other. I found one of my camisole's in there as well as one of our son's bibs. And I found the scarf my husband was looking for all winter long! I forgot to take an after picture but I thought I did a pretty good job.

And away they go!

The items for today:

- one of my summer hats I found in my husbands' drawer (apparently I didn't miss it)
- a worn out kneepad
- a pair of to tight shorts
- a pashmina scarf that was once given too may as a birthday present by a good friend. I find gifts the most hard things to throw out. But since I haven't worn it for quite a while it's ok.
- a faded sweatshirt.

Tomorrow I'll be clearing out our laundry corner which I have been dreading to organize and purge for quite a while.
Any tips on how to tackle this one?

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