Decluttering the Laudry corner on Day 7

I was really dreading to declutter our laundry corner. After we moved that place became the dumping ground for things we borrowed or didn't now where to put. So basically there were al kinds of stuff lying there in need of a new home.

I even found more baby stuff. I've managed to put al the baby clothes and gear which my son has outgrown together in their own boxes instead of everywhere. There were a lot of things we borrowed which are to be returned to their owners. But also some more things for the consignment store.

Today was a fruitful day, 7 items!
- 2 magazine holders
- 1 coatrack
- a coffeemaker (borrowed)
- a bicycle tool set (borrowed)
- curtain rod holders (borrowed)
- a rack to hold a flat iron which will go to my mom

Tomorrow I'll be purging our towels. The goal is to have only 2 colors to make washing them easier and to create a more peaceful site in the closet.

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