Going for a walk.....and finding sh*t along the way

We've been living in this lovely suburb area for about 4 months now. One of the big advantages that comes with living so far away from the city is that there's far more nature in the proximity. Let me show you where I've been the last time.

We live right in the middle of the Donge Valley. This is the view just around the corner of our house.

Ducks and several other water birds have their home here.

Including this flock of Indian geese which can be quite intimidating where you're near!

You can actually go in the reserve unless it's breeding season.

I was hoping to have an encounter with the Scottish Highlanders, beautiful cattle with long reddish  fur who graze this area. But unfortunately they weren't around. They have been some time earlier according to this massive heap of dung.

Crossing the water by bridge. Must be lovely to live so near to the water.

I so love the color of the moss. A miniature forest just outside my back yard :-)

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Scottish Highlanders some other time.


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