Mommy Monday

Monday's are all about Logan and me. He usually wakes up around 6.30 AM. He gets a nappy change and then we're off downstairs for a bottle of warm milk and a slice of bread. 
Sjoerd and I drink coffee together before he goes to work and then it's just the two of us.

Ah so cute if I say so myself; Logan with his morning face.

When Logan takes his morning nap I take a shower and get dressed. I have breakfast and start of with household chores. I try to do a full load of laundry and tidy up our living room and kitchen.

nap time!

I always make the bed. It make so much difference visually when that big of a surface is nice and tidy.

After a night of zzzzz.

Much better.

What I love doing: sending mail and making lists.

Going for our daily stroll.

Logan looks a bit sad because he had a fever the night before. But a little fresh air is always good for anyone's health.

Our garden! I'm so happy I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and bask in the sun in our very own garden now.
Lovely way to relax while Logan takes his afternoon nap.

Flowerpower with Pansies and Primula's

How did you spend your day?

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