My week you wonder?

Yay Spring is here! At least, meteorologically speaking. It's still quite chilly here in the South. But I'm already pimping up our garden with lovely Pansies and Primula's to get in that lovely fresh Spring mood.

Aren't these Primula's gorgeous? They almost look fake! pic

I'm still working on getting my weekly and daily routine together as well. Here's a global look on my weekly schedule:

  • stay at home day with Logan
  • weekly groceries
  • household chores
  • stay at home with Logan
  • household chores
  • work out with my sister (usually Body Pump or Shape)
  • Logan goes to childcare
  • half day @ work
  • social time (spending time with family or friends)
  • me-time (being creative, read)

  • Logan goes to childcare
  • (I will be @ work again on Thursday's around May)
  • time for doctor's appointments etc.
  • me-time (working in the garden, running errands, playing computer games and do something creative)
  • Sjoerd's @ home to take care of Logan
  • half day @ work
  • work out with my sister
  • me-time
  • household chores
  • band rehearsal
  • social appointments (birthday parties etc.)
  • family time (going for a stroll, visit the playground or petting zoo)
  • chill time with Sjoerd (usually watching Netflix together)

This is what an average week in my life looks like. Nothing fancy, not too busy.
I like how things are going. I'm working out regularly which has a major effect on my fitness and increased my energy level. I'm building up to more hours at work and having me-time has been working out better and better.

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