Me the forest

Today's a Christian holiday in The Netherlands. Most working people have the day off. My husband is attending a soccer tournament and my son is with grandma.
This morning I was wondering what I was going to do with a whole free day just for me.
When I'm stuck in my thoughts and don't know what to do I make a mind map. I take a big sheet of paper and write down all the things that are occupying my mind. I helps me to set goals and priorities. Today my priority is to take some true time for myself.
I found a postcard from Finland (from my Postcrossing days) with a lush green forest on it. It dawned on me that today would be a perfect opportunity to explore the forest in the region where I live.

I grabbed a bottle of water and a pear and of I was. It took a five minute bike trip to the local shopping area where I stationed my bike. From there it was a couple minutes walk to the forest.
I found out the forest was man made some time a go, initially used for wood  production. But now it's a wonderful area to walk around in and explore.

The first surprise I walked in to was this owl, hand carved in a tree stump.

My last name means 'the owl' so I thought it was quite funny to run in to this sculpture.
And a few minutes later this little fella greeted me from it's tree stump.

I began to wonder how many of these sculptures where hidden here.

As I walked on, the train of thoughts in my head slowed down so I could appreciate my surroundings. I enjoyed the twitter of birds and the lovely scent of leaves, dirt and pine.

Little treasures caught my eyes.

A feather on the ground.

The texture of tree bark.

Talking 'bout a 'family tree'.

Moss covered stumps.

Did I mention I love trees?

Tree feet!


...and new life.

Even trees have faces.

I'm so happy I took the opportunity to spend time with myself and take note of the beautiful area I live in.
I know what I'll be doing next time there's a holiday.

What do you like to do in your me-time?


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