Living more Green is a lifestyle that I'm working towards too. It's not something I'm doing constantly. I have these periods that I get the green itch and act and feel more aware. Right now I've banished the bin tot the pantry to see what kind of waste I'm throwing out.

There are four recyling bins in our kitchen:

- paper and cardboard
- plastic packaging
- glass
- foodwaste

By not having the bin near, it allows me to be concious of what I'm sending to landfill. I've noticed a lot of drinkcartons and foil bags piling up on the counter.
When I go grocery shopping I try to choose glass jars when I have the choice. There are also two different packages of my husband's favorite cereal in the breakfast aisle. One comes in a bag in a cardboard box. And the other just comes in a plastic bag. By choosing the plastic bag I make a slight difference. But I think making these kind of choices is the start of something bigger.

I wish I could eat more organic but the price difference is just too big for our budget at the moment. So I do what's best for our family.

Frugal tips

- I save on dishwasher detergent tabs by cutting them in half. The dishes still come out clean.
- When it comes to toothpaste I always use half a blob on my toothbrush, same story.
- We have a timer in the shower. In the early mornings I manage to wash my body and hair in just three minutes.
- We only have energy saving light bulbs in our lamps.
- When it's cold I put on slippers and a sweater before I turn on the heat.
These lifestyle adjustments lowered our utility bills and make a slighter smaller environmental impact.

Do you have a tip for living more green?

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