Frugal fight

When it comes to being frugal I find that it can be a bit of a fight. Because I also like convenience. Especially at 6 o'clock in the morning when my family's getting ready to go to work/day care. I know I should make myself a sandwich for lunch and pack enough snacks to keep myself satisfied all day. But when it's that early and I have to hurry my way out the door the prospect of going to the cafeteria at lunch hour is ever so appealing.

It's the same when I travel to work with public transport. Since the coffee at work isn't quite enjoyable, buying a cup of hot, steamy freshly brewed coffee at the railway station is almost necessary. I looked up what I have spent on lunch, snacks and beverages before, during and after work. In September I've spent E 28,67 on lunches, snacks and coffee. When you add that up, in a year I would've spent E 344,04. In October I calculated I spent E 37,40 on lunches, snacks and coffee. In a year that would add up to E 448,80

I really want to tone that amount down. At least by half, that would make a big difference already.
How am I gonna do that?

Well self restriction is a trait I can work on. I should make sure I have something to drink with me. I used to carry a water bottle around. I've tried the recycled plastic bottles and the aluminium ones. But I always seem to get mildew inside of them. Yuck. Does anyone have had good experiences with reusable water bottles? Because I'd like to know!

I can also put some fruit and cookies in my handbag the evening before work. I usually eat two to three snacks to keep hunger at bay. But I see a lot of my co-workers only living on one sandwich during lunch. How the heck do they do that?

Update: so today, I had my cookies, sandwich and apple. At the end of the day my tummy was rumbling again. So I guess I need one more snack to keep my body well fed.
But, I resisted the urge to go to the cafeteria so I didn't spend any money there. Let's see how this goes.

Any tips for homemade lunches?

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