Fun and love in 2015

Look back and reflect

The year 2015 is almost coming to an end. This year has brought a lot of big changes for my family and me. We moved to a new place, my husband and I both found a new job and our cat Nova went missing. At the end of the year I always feel the need to reflect and look back.
I try to focus on the positive and enjoyable moments. And pictures help me relieve those precious times.

From left to right

Growing pains

Our little munchkin is growing up fast. In this picture he hardly has any teeth while now he has almost a full set. It find it a privilege to see the development of my son from baby to toddler. Although he can be a hand full sometimes ;-).  

I love green

It's been a year since we've moved and I almost have all the moving boxes cleared out now. I love, love, love that we live close to nature and animals. It gives me the peace and quiet I need to recharge.

Mutual love

My husband sent me this picture a couple of months a go. When we were dating I showed him around my hometown. We listened to Linkin Park on my iPod while we sat on these very steps.
Our mutual love for the same music was one of the things that brought us together. 

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

It's so awesome to have a herd of Scottish Higlander cows grazing just steps from our house. I love the beautiful red color of their fur. It's especially cute to so their babies walking about.  

Solid as a rock

My husband and I have been together for 6 years now. We've both grown, individually as well as a couple. Communication and expressing out feelings are two goals we've worked hard on to get better at. We have a strong foundation for our relationship now. Although it's not easy to squeeze in a date night every now and then. It  makes these times when it's just the two of us extra special.

Gardening 101

I think my first year as a gardener with an actual garden has gone quite good. I've managed to harvest small amounts of produce and learned which crops do well in our garden. I haven't managed to keep the slugs and snails at bay though. But I'm happy to start a new produce garden come spring.

First family vacation

We had our first family vacation in May. We went away for the weekend to a family centered park. There was a nice swimming pool which my son loved. And we took long strolls around the park.
I was afraid my son wouldn't sleep in his travel cod but he did quite well. 
We're hoping to be able to go on vacation next summer. And maybe even take a road trip abroad.


Just looking at trees gives me a sense of serenity. Being in the woods helps me relax and keep my feet on the ground. 

In memorial

Nova came in to my life as a little black fuzzball 6 years a go. I fell in love with her the first time I met her. She loved to cuddle and snooze in my lap. And she was so grateful and happy when I came home from college. 
A few months after we've moved to our new home she got in to a fight with a big neighbor cat. They bought jumped over the fence and I haven't seen Nova ever since. It makes me so sad that I didn't get the chance to say goodbye and that I don't know what happened to her. It's amazing how much love you can feel for a pet. I miss her so much and hope she's in a better place now.

What are your most special happy and/or sad memories of 2015?

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