24 hour mini challenge

For years I have been trying to change my lifestyle for the better. And you know what? I'ts hard!
I've tried the path to minimalism, sustainability and mindfulness but I keep getting on and off track.
Maybe I've been setting goals that are too big to accomplish or maybe I'm not trying hard enough?

Baby steps

So I'm trying something different. Instead of taking pledges or long term challenges I'm thinking: what if I can keep up a good habit for a day? Just 24 hours. To see if I can manage. Small victories lead to bigger ones. A day can become a week and a week can result in a month. But let's not get ahead of ourselves ;-)

24 Hour mini challenge

I'm taking a mini challenge. 24 hours, starting NOW. It's monday, february 22nd 8 PM.
So this challenge will end on tuesday, february 23d 7.59 PM.

I challenge myself to:

  1. not buy or receive any stuff
  2. not produce waste
  3. use public transport instead of the car
  4. be aware of the clothes I'm wearing. What are they made of and who made them?
  5. do my tasks at work in a mindful matter

My goal is to be aware of my daily habits. I'll try to keep you posted on Twitter with #24hrs (@MsJadechat). Let me know if you want to join this challenge and see if you can keep up a good habit for 24 hours!

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