I am still a noob when it comes to living a more sustainable lifestyle. That's why I'm taking it slow. Making little changes to get used to the more sustainable lifestyle feels good to me. So why not start in the smallest room in our house? The bathroom.

I've noticed some things are already going the right way, while others need improvement.

1. Electricity

To really save on energy costs you could change all your lightbulbs for led lights. But as leds are still quite expensive, using energy saving lightbulbs is a good way to start off 

2. Use towels made of organic cotton

The production of clothing has a big impact on the environment. By buying towels made of organic cotton you can be sure that no harmful substances were used in the production of cotton crops. Organic fabrics are also better for your skin.

3. Latter up

Most people use pumps with liquid soap to wash their hands with thinking it is more hygienic. A better alternative would be a solid block of organic soap. A lot of bacteria het stuck on to the pump but a bar of soap gets rinsed of with every use.

4. Better for your butt

I've heard of people who don't use underwear. They just shake of the remaining drops of urine when they pee. And they take a number 2 before hitting the shower.
And than there are people who recycle butt wipes. They use rags to wipe there butts and wahs them to reuse them again. I'm not that far on my road to sustainable living so I just advise opting for ecological toiletpaper made from recycled paper.

5. Ditch the air freshners

Going to the bedroom can be a smelly business. Instead of masking the smell with artificial perfume you can crack open a window or leave the door open for the smell to evaporate.

6. Ecological cleaners

The traditional cleaners most people have under their sink are full of chemicals. Vinegar and water are good ways to clean the bathroom. Vinegar helps getting rid of water stains while it does wonders on mold.

7. Reusable sanitary products

Instead of using tampons you can buy tampons made from organic cotton or you could go for a re-usable menstrual cup. There are even reusable menstrual pads on the market.

What things have you changed in the smallest room of the house to live more sustainable?

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