Favorite outfit this week

Organized closet

I love how organized my closet is at the moment. 15 bottoms lying neatly on the shelf. 15 tops hanging well arranged on the rod.
Picking out outfits for the whole week saves me so much time and stress in the mornings. I just grab one out of 5 outfits I find most appalling and I am set for the rest of the day. Surely, not every outfit is the most fashionable but that isn't my main focus for this experiment. I just want to learn to get more creative with remixing garments and find out what items are missing from my closet.

This week, this was my favorite outfit to wear:

Skinny jeans, an oxblood colored top, my favorite knitted cardigan and a golden dangling necklace. The clothes I wear in these pictures are certainly not ethically produced. But throwing them out wouldn't be sustainable at all and a waist of money. So I want to get the most out of my previously purchased clothes and when I need something I'll make sure to buy sustainable and ethically.

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