How to have me-time while being a working mom

Time is short 

Working four days a week and taking care of my family, house, social life and work makes it hard to have me-time.

In the evenings I’m tired and the weekends are filled with engagements, birthday parties and chores.
And at the moment I'm not really being positively challenged and stimulated at work. So it is a must to challenge myself in my free time. I really need to plan these hours in, making appointments with myself. 

Lying on the couch flicking through Netlfix is tempting after a workday. And I usually fall a sleep 10 minutes in to Unbreakable.
That’s not how I really want to spend those precious hours where I actually have the oppurtunity to have me-time. So here are some tips that work for me to help you get going.

1. Plan, plan, plan

Every week, plan in an evening or two (after the kids have gone to bed) to do something that makes yóu happy. Wether it’s taking a hot bath or writing a blog article. Write it down in your agenda and commit to yourself. I usually do this on sunday evenings. When it's written done, it makes it more tangible and easier to commit.

2. Set goals

When I’m having my stay at home day I make a planning and set goals for the entire day. This helps me to hold on to. And I don’t have to wonder what to do because I’ve already planned it out. Same goes for those me-time hours. Decide what you want to accomplish in those hours as if it's your actual job.
Every few weeks I make a mindmap for myself. I jot down everything that is currently on my mind.
What are the things that keep you occupied? I write them down and then try to think of steps of making things easier. I try to think about things that are going on right now and goals I want to accomplish in the near future. After a few weeks I look back at my mindmap and see which goals I have accomplished and which things still need work.

3. Treat yourself

Don’t forget to pay out after working on yourself. After you’ve reached your goals and stuck to your planning, go treat yourself for the awesome work you’ve done. Buy a fresh bunch of flowers, have a cup of coffee and a cookie or buy that secondhand purse you found on Craigslist.
I am currently spending a lot of thought and time on ethically and sustainable clothes. When I've reached a certain goal I treat myself to a sustainable or secondhand garment.

Taking care of myself helps being a happier mom and a better co-worker.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Plan in some you-time right away!

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