Super fast Ikea play kitchen make-over

Second hand find

My mom in law found this Ikea play kitchen on the Dutch Craiglist. It had been standing outside for a while and had water damage. Therefor she got it for a fair price. I wasn't home when they brought it over. My husband orginally placed it in the kitchen.

When it was placed like this you only see some of the water damage on top. Till I replaced it to our living area and saw that the sides were really ugly.

Fast fix

I didn't feel like repainting the whole thing so I choose a fast and simpel way to cover up the water damage: paper. I have a few roles of giftpaper at home to wrap up gifts. I decided to use this cute design.

I used two sheets of wrapping paper and plain white glue. I measured up the big panel first and cut the paper to size. I smeared glue on the entire panel and placed the sheet of paper on it. I smoothed out the paper and went on with the upper smaller panel.
Two more strips of paper for the legs and it was the fastest make-over ever!

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