3 Tips for a sustainable birthday party

This picture was taken at Logan’s 1st birthday party.

1. Don't invite too many people
My son’s turing two next month. And this year I want to throw a sustainable birthday party for him. To me this means inviting a lot less people then less year…..Our house was so full of family and friends, you couldn’t even move around properly. It was a coming and going of people. Although I was pleased so many family and friends wanted to celebrate my boy’s birthday it was exhausting for me and my husband.
So this year we've made a guest list, so it wont be that overwhelming for my family and me.
I made sure to invite friends and family with kids of the same age as my son so they can play and enjoy the party together.
Perhaps people will wonder why they didn’t get invited this year, but I’m choosing the sanity of my husband, son and myself. Learning to say no and choosing myself over others is still a learning proces for me. But I think I’ve gone a long way already.

Smiling with daddy.

2. Refuse

Last year we've used single use plastic and single use paper plates and cups. Because less people are coming over this year, I’m sure we’ll manage with the amount of glassware and plates we already have.
When it comes to decorations my son loves balloons. But I’m sure they aren’t sustainable. Or are there sustainable balloons on the market? 
Will this party be less awesome without balloons? I don’t think so. I have fabric garlands to decorate our living room with. They last a lot longer than the paper ones and don’t even get me going on the plastic garlands.
I’ve also been thinking about baking the birthday cake myself. Again, with lesser guests it’s seems so much more manageable to make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.

Last year’s cake bought at a bakery.

00005343_1 dille en kamille.jpg
Wooden truck from Dille&Kamille

3. Ask for sturdy gifts

I’ve noticed my son plays a lot with his trucks and trains which are mostly made out of plastic. He tends to throw them around a lot (will this fase ever stop?) which causes parts to break of and makes the toy no longer safe to play with. So when people ask what birthday wishes he has this year I’m asking for wooden toys. More sustainable, more fun.



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