TGG: slow fashion


New store in town

If you are located in the Netherlands make sure to check out TGG line up in the Emmapassage in the centre of Tilburg. Here you’ll find beautifully handmade, slow fashion garments to be worn by men and women. TGG uses a color palet of mostly greys combined with plaid, white, black and even marble.

From TGG’s own line, which is produced locally, you can browse for sweaters, robes, vestes, purses and accessories like mittens and tablet sleeves.
There is also a galerie which renews every 3 months with work from new artists from Europe. Paintings, conceptual work and hand forged utensils and jewelry are on display.


What I like most about TGG’s products is that they’re timeless. Quality products to be worn and used for more than one season. An excellent brand to fit my needs when it comes to a minimalistic closet.
TGG also has an online store and ships internationally if you’re interested in their products.

What is your favorite store in your area?

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