Toddler routine

Mommy monday

I think having my stay at home day on mondays is the best. I don't have to dread the it's almost monday blues on sunday. I just roll in to the week.
My son Logan is turning 2 next month and he's a happy and active little fella. The first thing I do when we wake up and come down stairs is write down our schedule. 
This helps me to structure the day and achieve my goals.

Schedule and goals

Today our schedule looked like this:

6:45 Morning coffee and milk / breakfast / play with trains / check up on Whatsapp and Twitter

7:15 Bath / wash laundry 

8:00 Juice / play

9:00 Go outside / run errand / outdoor play

10:00 Fruit snack / tv time / vacuuming downstairs / clean up kitchen

10:30 Nap / check e-mail / blog / 

13:00 Lunch 

13:30 creative play

15:00 Snack and drink

16:00 Clean up toys

17:00 Make dinner 

18:00 QT with daddy / fold laundry

19:00 milk and bed

I try to keep variety in our routine. One week we'll go to the railway station to watch the trains, the other week we'll visit the petting zoo. I'm glad I get to spend this weekly day just with my boy :-)

How is your routine when you're at home with your little one?

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