#24hrs: Package free lunch & snakcs

Producing waste is one of the things I really want to work on when it comes to living more sustainable. Usually, laziness stands in the way between me and the trashcan.

While having a package free lunch and snacks doesn't have to be a challenge.
I saved today's dinner leftovers from being thrown in the garbage by my husband. I stopped him in his tracks and confiscated the leftovers to be my next days lunch.

Because I know, when I don't bring lunch from home, not producing waste is impossible. Our cafetaria at work isn't sustainable at all. Paper napkins and disposable cutlery are one of the many eye sores I've found there. While the company I work for has sustainability high on it's agenda... I see a future challenge coming up ;-)

But for now I resort to bringing homemade lunch and package free snacks to work.

My package free snacks today are:
- a banana
- an apple
- an clementine

My lunch:
- yesterday's dinner leftovers (brought to work in a recycled take-out container which I will bring home and use again afterwards)

I must admit I'm not creative enough (yet) to come up with a lot more variety in options for an entire week of the #24hrs mini challenge. So help me out please.
What are your options when it comes to bringing package free snacks and homemade lunch to work?

Please share @MsJadechat #24hrs.

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  1. I like to bring leftovers in a tupperware container too.


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