#24hrs: Who made my clothes?

Ethical fashion is a hot topic.

Campaigns like: #Who made my clothes and #33 wears are launched to make people aware of the clothing on their back.

At Trusted Clothes you'll find the ins and outs when it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion. You can even find a few posts written by me on there as well.

In my 24 hour Mini Challenge, I challenge you to be aware of the clothes you are wearing. Who made them and what are your garments made of?

I always start with my intimates when I lay out an outfit in the morning. I was very interested to find out how sustainable my undies and bra's are. Especially when it comes to different brands and prices.


The last pair of undies I bought were these awesome ecological hipsters from SaintBasics (E 16,50 a pair). On Rank a brand they are in the top A category which means: "Saint Basics has been granted the A-lable for sustainability. All Saint Basics underwear is made from biological cotton and has been GOTS certified. This means that no harmful chemical were used during production and that the working conditions of employees who made the garments are monitored." 

But I also have a lot of undies from budget store Zeeman. Their hipsters go for around E 3,99. On Rank a brand this store has been placed in the D category which means: "On our criteria for sustainability Zeeman has been ranked with label D and has reached it's first sustainable milestones. The brand started compensating and reducing their CO2 emissions, the brand uses a Code of Conduct which guarantees basic rights for workers and they prohibited sandblasting. But when it comes to environmental protection the brand still has a lot of work to do".

I do have to say that my Saint Basic hipster is the most comfortable one in my undie collection. I'd like to buy more of this brand but they are quite expensive.

What do you think?
Is it worth to spend money on ecological underwear?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section or @MsJadechat #24hrs.

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