Hooray, Logan is 2 years old!
It's so awesome to see our little man growing up. Time for some stats!

Name: Logan

Height: 92 cm

Weight: 12 kg

Favorite treat: chocolate

Favorite toy: Thomas the train

Doesn't like: brushing his teeth

First crush: ms. Maaike from daycare centre

Favorite activity: splashing around in puddles

Favorite animal: Sprite the cat

Favorite tv-show: anything vehicle related

Favorite fruit: banana

Favorite activity with dad: bath time

Favorite activity with mom: exploring the neighborhood

Book he loves most: Where's Dribbel?

Favorite clothes: sweat pants

I love to see how my little baby has changed in to a jolly little boy and has gotten quite the personality. This year we'll celebrate his birthday with a small party. Just the grandparents, the aunts and some friends with kids.

Logan, I'm so proud to be your mommy!


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