Doing laundry, vacuuming and tidying up are tasks that are inevitabel in every home. It helps when the rest of your family helps out. Over the last few years my husband got more involved in household chores and now does tasks without me having to ask. I'm so grateful for that!
I mean, we work just as much and both provide the same amount of money to pay the bills. So why should I be the one who does all the household chores?

I think it's important to introduce my son to chores from a young age on. He'a almost two years old and he's shown interest in helping out. I let him help in a playful, educational matter. I ask him if he wants to help with simple things. If he's busy playing and doesn't want to that's ok. It should be fun to help mom out and not a mandatory thing (yet!).

I have four main tasks in which my toddler can help me:


Logan has his own little vacuum. Yes it's pink but he doesn't mind. I've found out that most household-like toys are focused on girls! 
Logan loves to vacuum with his mini vacuum while I use the big one. I praise him for the good job he's doing. It's funny to see that he even tries to vacuum underneath the couch just like I do. So making a good example is the best way to teach I guess.

Bless my boy he even vacuums under the couch :-)


When my son's up in his high chair eating his dinner I let him clean his hands and mouth after he's done. If he spills anything I give him a dampened cloth to clean it up. He now knows the word 'clean'  and is happy to do it himself most of the time.
When he has little accidents like spilled milk or juice I try to let him clean it up on his own to stimulate independency and responsibility. I make sure not to punish him for making a mess but to show him that it's ok and what he can do to clean it up.


From the age of 12 months Logan has been fascinated by our washer. We have a front loader with a glas door so you can see the laundry tumbling around. A little play washer was the first house hold appliance we bought him so he can pretend play. He doesn't like it when I put one of his socks in it though. He just loves to press the buttons and see the washer in action.
While doing laundry I let my son help me put dirty clothes in the washer. While doing so I try to teach him the name of the garments. I ask him: "Can you put the sock in the washer?' And of course he gets praised when he does.

Learning through pretend play!


Logan has been helping out unloading the dishes since a few weeks. He hands me the cutlery one at a time while I place them in the drawer. I name the items, like spoon or fork when he hands me them.
I keep the sharp knives out of his reach in the top drawer.
When it't time to load the dishwasher again we do the same, this time me handig him the cutlery while he places them in the cutlery basket.

It's never to early to let your kids help out ;-)

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