Organizing is an activity that can be really mindful for me. I think I love to organize because when you're done you get instant gratification. To see things stored in an orderly matter makes my organizing heart beat faster. Really it does! You organizing gals out there now how I feel ;-)

Today I stumbled across my husbands closet.
It looked like this:

My hands started to itch and I knew it wouldn't take long to refold the jumble of clothing and put neatly stacks of sorted clothes in my man's closet.

I took out all the clothes and lay them on our bed. I took out all the clothes that were off season like shorts and short sleeved dress shirts. I acquired two boxes to organize his t-shirts and started to fold them so they fitted the boxes.
Behind the boxes was room for his sweatpants and jeans. I placed a stack with extra t-shirts and his hoodies on the right side of the closet. 

I hang his track jackets and his sweaters on the rod. I sorted his socks and boxers and placed them neatly in the drawer a long with his training shorts.


Now let's hope he'll keep it nice and tidy for at least a few weeks.

Time: 15 minutes


  1. I love organising things, I get a real sense of achievement after

  2. Yeah, isn't it great? Something I organize just for the sake of organizing :-D
    Thanks for dropping by!


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