Personal goals through mind mapping

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Stop and listen

Every few weeks I take a moment to see where I stand in life. I make a personal mind map and write down everything I'm thinking of. I usually have three main categories to label my thoughts under:

1. Which aspects of my life aren't going the way I want
2. What the things I'm grateful for are
3. New goals to work on

I use big sheets of drawing paper so I have enough space to write anything down that comes to mind.

Sometimes I use a mantra or affirmation. Today it was: 'Happy, thank you, more please'.
I wanted to focus on the positive aspects and be grateful.


My mind map looked like this:

Happy? (for the things I wasn't happy about)

- energy - balance
- working 4 days a week
- fitness
- nourishment
- finances - spending habits

Thank you (for gratefulness)
- my son
- the progress in my relationship with my boyfriend (and soon to be husband!)
- our house and surroundings
- our car
- my personal growth
- my new home office
- my job

More please (new goals)
- eat more delicious food
- spend quality time in general
- continue to grow as a blogger
- take more baths to ponder and relax
- light scented candles every day

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Time for change

After I've written down all the things that are on my mind I try to look for changes I can make to accomplish my goals.
For instance, in the Happy? category I wrote down fitness. Currently, I'm at my lowest point when it comes to feeling fit. But that also means I can only go up from here on. I want to schedule in a moment once a week for me to get some exercise. We just cancelled our gym membership so I think I'll just go for a walk. Fresh air and moving my body. Seems like a great goal to me.

I also wrote down working 4 days in my Happy? list. Unfortunately that one's not so easy to change. But for me it's important to know that this is something that has influence on my balance.

In the Thank you category I wrote down New home office. Having a space just for me is fantastic.
It feels like a true luxury. I'd like to enjoy it more by making my office pretty and inspirational.

I think the things I've listed in the More please category are quite simple to implement in my life.
For instance the eat more delicious food. I can choose a weekend day to cook a nice dinner or a fancy lunch. I can plan my cooking on a day when I actually have the time to take it easy and cook with my heart.
Lighting scented candles every day can be a beautiful habit. I'm very sensitive to scents and believe in the power of aroma therapy. Starting the day with light and an inspiring scent can really get me going. I recently purchased a candle that smells like oranges. It's fresh and light and gives me an uplifting, energetic feeling.

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By making mind maps and writing down goals I get more grip on my life. Making small changes are essential for me to grow and feel better about myself.

Have a great week!

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