The balancing act: Are the 168 hours in my week well spent?

Lately time is flying by like crazy. After the weekends, before I know it, it's thursday again.
Feeling tired has become normal like most parents feel I guess. And it made me wonder: Am I spending my time efficiently?

A week has 168 hours and I figured I'm currently spending them in this manner:

  1. Sleep: 63
  2. Work: 32
  3. Caring: 24
  4. Me-time: 7
  5. Travel: 4
  6. Home: 7
  7. Fun: 3
  8. Blogging: 6
  9. Work out: 0
  10. Media: 7
  11. Personal care: 7
  12. ?: 8

Working mommy

Working 4 days a week is still a lot, besides taking care of our toddler, but it's manageable. Working near home has made that possible. I'm really happy I'm only spending 4 hours a week on commuting now. I can't believe there was a time when that number was 14!

Home is where the heart is

Taking care of laundry, dishes, and the rest of the house takes me about 7 hours a week. I do a little every day so it doesn't pile up and we have to spend the weekend to clean and tidy up.

Enjoy more

The hours I'm spending on fun stuff is way on the low side. I'd really like to enjoy life more and do fun stuff outside our home. But usually it's cocooning on the couch with a cup of tea and Netflix.
That's ok for now. But I'd like to implement more quality time with my family in the future.

Blog lovin'

My blogging is going ok I guess. I haven't really found the perfect blogging rhythm yet. I'm still working out which frequency works best for me. I want to do at least one new blog a week for MomMandy. And besides that I'm guestblogging for Heavenly Pure once a month and I write a couple of articles for Trusted Clothes 2 or 3 times a month. Writing for other blogs enables me to develop my writing skills and hopefully interest more readers for my own blog.

Quality time

I do feel I'm spending to much time staring aimlessly at the tv or iPad. It's just too easy to grab a tablet or switch on the tv and let your mind go blank. Not mindfulness at all. So I'd really like to cut back those hours and spend more quality time with my son and husband.

Pump up the jam

As you can see, working out has been on the bottom of my to do list lately. I'd like to change that by doing one lesson a week. Just an hour at the gym to do Body Pump or a yoga session. In order to do so I need to schedule in these work out sessions and honor those appointments with myself.

Where did the time go?

An than there are 8 whole hours I couldn't label. That's a whole day! 
Hmmm...perhaps I should keep track of the amount I really spend on the activities listed above and see if my estimated hours where calculated correctly.

See you. 


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