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I'm looking outside and the sun is shining! It feels lovely after those cold and snowy days. When the weather's beautiful like this I feel obliged to go outside. Even if it's just to get some fresh air. But there are times when I don't know what to do with myself...

So here are 6 things you can do when you are alone (and bored)

2. Get creative
When you have a whole day ahead of you with no appointments there are so many options to choose from that it might be overwhelming. Creating, forces you to concentrate and ends meaningless pondering. 
I like to paint. I like big blank canvasses. I fill up a pallet with different colors and just start. Just dip your brush in the paint and let it glide over the canvas. Be intuitive and let your inner Picasso guide you along.

3. Exercise
I'm not the most athletic person on the planet but I do try to get some exercise at least once a week. Going for a run on your own can seem impossible. So I like to text my running buddy and just schedule a place and time. Then it's set. You just need to put on your gear and run. And if your doing it right you can even chat along the way. 

4. Visit someone who's home alone. 
This is also a good option. Think about who of your friends or family has a day off or could use some company. I like to visit my cousin who is a stay at home mom. We often get creative together and I get to cuddle with my baby niece. 

5. Bake. 
This is perhaps something you shouldn't do that often. But what I like about baking is that it gets you focused. Working with your hands can be so nice. Don't be afraid to get yourself or the kitchen dirty. Put your hands in the dough and knead or go crazy decorating cupcakes. Don't forget to put in some love. The lovely scents coming out of the oven will create instant happiness.

6. Listen to music. 
I have a special 'feel good' playlist. It contains a lot of songs from my youth. In my high school days I used to listen to R&B (since then my taste in music has evolved). I love to sing a long and do crazy dances. Who cares? There's no one around. 

Remember: do something that makes you feel good. Enjoy those special moments and have fun!


  1. My only problem with the baking idea is that I would end up eating it all. Actually, what I do when I bake is head out to the houses on my lane and deliver cookies or cupcakes or fudge to everyone. I get my baking fix and I get the majority of the calories out of the house quickly.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

    1. That's actually an even better tip. Sharing your baked goodies with your neighbors!
      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Great ideas! And yes, sharing what you bake is such a wonderful tip! I think my biggest problem is trying to find any spare moments in a day.


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