Menu planning (update)

Since february, our son is going to daycare two days a week instead of one.
We always get the invoice for daycare one month ahead. So this month we've received a double invoice. So the amount we had to pay had tripled!  And it always take ages before the surtax is changed according to the new situation.

So the thing is, I only have E 82,01 in my bank account for the rest of the month.
And that's ok. I only really need to buy groceries for two weeks. So I'm taking this situation as a challenge. This month, I can't buy anything (obviously) than the bare necessities. 

That means I get to spend about E 20,50 each week.
The first thing I'm going to do is write a menu plan. In my search of ways to save I've found several tips on making a menu plan to save on groceries. So I'm gonna make a list of all the food we have in our pantry and make a daily menu around those items.

Here's what I found:

- a pack of pita bread
- 3 packs of spaghetti
- fussili pasta
- pizza dough mix
- 2 packs of pancake mix
- bow tie pasta
- canned sausages
- can of tuna
- 2 pizza crusts
- instant mashed potatoes
- rice
- dried green beans

We have a lot of pasta in stock! So a few pasta dishes will definitely be on the menu.
We have some fresh and frozen veggies in stock as well. The only products we really need to buy are dairy, fish, meat, bread and fruit. For those items I'll check what the supermarket has on offer.


breakfast: pancakes with powdered sugar
lunch: sandwiches
diner: spaghetti bolognese with unions and peppers


breakfast: scrambled eggs and toast
lunch: sausage sandwiches
diner: fussili pasta with peas and tuna


breakfast: milk and granola/porridge
lunch: sandwiches and fruit 
dinner: mie goreng with chicken and sugar snaps 


breakfast: banana breakfast muffins
lunch: sandwiches 
dinner: fussili pasta with carbonara sauce 


breakfast: sandwiches
lunch: sandwiches and fruit
dinner: mashed potatoes with sugar snaps and pork chops


breakfast: yoghurt with granola and fruit 
lunch: sandwiches
dinner: my mother in law cookes! (I have an evening shift so I'll be eating at work)


breakfast: sandwiches
lunch: sandwiches and fruit
dinner: homemade pizza

Grocery list:

V milk E 0,59 (1L)
V bread E 2,09
- deli meat
V minced meat E 1,75
- fruit
- chicken breast
- ham
- pork chops
- yoghurt
- popsicles
- mozzarella
- salami
- canned pineapple
- peppers
V diapers E 11,70 (midpack 40% off)
V juice syrup E 2,79

What are your tips when it comes to saving on groceries?


  1. Wow, well done stretching 20 per week. That doesn't sound easy! Your daily menus sound lovely though. Different shops have different offers which can be a savings plus changing to the stores own brand for some things can be a saving too. #JustAnotherLinky

  2. Hi Fairy, thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. I try to eat less meat. It saves money and brings diversity in my food. I adore meat, but when I look at those animals... I know, such a hypocrit.

    I buy my vegetables at the local supermarket. Mostly run by Turkisch or Moroccan people in the Netherland. It is vegetables and fruit that doesn't stay good for a whole week. You have to eat it within one or two days. Some people find it gross, but imagine what products are added in the A status supermakerts to let the vegetable and fruit stay good for a week or more.

    Most om the times it is less expansive!

    In better days, I try to freeze a lot. Leftovers. From the smallest thing, to big things as the typically Dutch stews like Boerenkool, Hutspot and Andijviestamppot. So that I have something in the less better days.

    1. Hi Gwen, thanks for sharing your awesome tips! My husband wasn't that thrilled with eating more vegetarian but he now understands it helps to stay within our budget. Finding other stores than supermarkets to get produce sounds great as well.
      I must say left overs hardly make it to freezer here. I like to pack them as my lunch the next day!

      Take care.

    2. But that is also an excellent way of saving. Taking the leftover for the next day. How often do people through there food away? That is a lot money! I think you are doing a great job! And your tips are very helpfull! X

  4. Sounds like a great meal plan. I really need to stick to a weekly budget
    Thank you so much for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  5. Even with less money you made awesome meal plan,none of the meal is not repetitive. thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop

  6. Fantastic idea and well done! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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