Taking your toddler to a theme park

Yay, sunday we are going to visit a theme park!

Our neighbor surprised us with a free ticket (which she didn't need because she has a membership). So I was happy to except it because I only had to buy one extra ticket because our two year old doesn't need his own ticket (yet).

It has been raining all week over here so I hope it'll clear up this sunday. We've only visited a zoo with our son before but I know preparation is key.

I made a checklist so I won't forget the necessities:

- stroller
- bag pack
- 3 diapers
- baby wipes
- Boris (his binky)
- sippy cup filled with juice
- fruit
- cookies
- 3 juice packs
- juice pack holder
- rain cover for stroller
- sheet for hygiene when changing diaper
- camera
- tickets!
- sweets
- snacks and drinks for my husband and I

We choose not to go there for an entire day. Honestly, I don't think my husband and I have enough energy to be there for more than an afternoon.

Game plan

There are a few rides and places in the park that I want to visit. 

We didn't went on this ride because there was a very long waiting line!

Dream flight is a slow ride where you visit a beautiful fairy world. It's one of my favorite rides in the park. I only hope we don't have to wait that long because it's one of the most popular rides.

We als want to visit:

Checking out the toadstool houses in the Fairy Tale forest

Fairy tale forest check!

Musical toadstools we saw them but our son wasn't interested in them 

Carnival Festival out toddler was really impressed during this ride, thankfully he had his binky to comfort him

Moby Dick nope

Seeing the train was the highlight of the day!

Train ride toddlers and waiting in line doesn't really work well

Car ride nope

Land of the Laves check! we went on the monorail. Our son didn't really like it though, he kept telling us he was done and wanted to get out.

Daddy treated us on waffles :-)

All though it was quite cold, we didn't have any rain. It was not to crowded so you didn't have to wait too long for the smaller rides. We noticed our son likes to watch all the activity rather than going on all the rides. We went from 1 PM till 4 PM which was long enough for the three of us. I love that we spend quality family time this sunday!

How was your weekend?


  1. So cute! I love the Efteling! It is a shame it is expansive. So therefor so nice you had a free ticket!

  2. So fun that you had a free ticket! Thanks for sharing on Meetup Monday!

  3. Looks like a great place!

    Thanks for linking up to #MyWildOnes xx

  4. It looks like you had a great day out! Thanks for linking up to #LivingArrows - I think you forgot to add the badge/link x

  5. It looks like a great place to visit with a toddler - we've not ventured to a theme park with our kids yet! #MyWildOnes #LivingArrows

  6. Looks like you had a great day out. Great check list too! Thank you for linking up with #pregnancyandbeyond


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